Camraderie and brotherhood among men who love to ride motorcycles.
Working to support each other and to better our local communities. 

We are the Sawmen Union Motorcycle Club

The Sawmen Union Motorcycle Club also known as the Sawmen MC (SMC) is a private not for profit Foundation (501(c)7) headquartered in Washington State. Sawmen chapters form our Union. Chapters support their communities through motorcycle fundraising and charitable events. Chapter's include civilians and veterans. Our Club membership includes fraternal Brothers who share a passion of motorcycles and communities.

Sawmen are following in the tradition of the Pacific Northwest's earliest clubs of the 1900s and subsequent combat veteran clubs who chose to ride free with their brothers, be left alone, and support their hometown. Sawmen Union is non-territorial, not a support club, not a cop club, not a vet club, and not an outlaw club. We respect all MCs and we offer the same respect that we receive. Sawmen are honorable men, the very best of their generations, bound by brotherhood with an unyielding commitment to family, community, and club.  We are high mileage, low drama...garage grown and union strong!  Catch up and say hello!

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