The original Everett Motorcycle Club

Formed on the heritage of the Everett Motorcycle Club



With an early Indian Motorcycle franchise in Milltown by 1912, local Men formed the Everett Motorcycle Club (EMC) and would ride and race their motorcycles throughout the city streets and onto the tracks on the weekends. By 1918, veterans returned from WWI and bought bikes. Several neighboring cities would form motorcycle clubs and they would throw parties at their clubhouses on the weekend. EMC would ride for the next 20+ years until WWII kicked off. Post WWII and the availability of surplus motorcycles would see veterans and like-minded men form various Motorcycle Clubs throughout the Pacific Northwest. 





Modern day Sawmen trace their roots back to the original club members of “EMC” and returning combat veterans. Sawmen remain independent, neutral, and respectful to all on two wheels. We don't do drama, we claim no territory—only our right to ride as free men.  


On September 21, 2019, at 09:21 hrs, nine men stood on the edge of the Snohomish River. As free men, they agreed to form a motorcycle club embroiled with mutual trust, respect, and loyalty with an objective to maintain high mileage and remain low drama.

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